Hawaii and Aulani 2023

Hawaii 2023

For our 30th anniversaries, the Burnses and Riedels took a trip to Hawaiʻi and Aulani!

Check back at this page for updates, including more photos and stories, which are listed down below the trip report.

Trip Report

The trip report is now complete, with over 24,000 words and 150 photos! Here is an index of all of the trip report parts:

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 1 - Introduction

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 2 - Arriving at Aulani

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 3 - A Day at Aulani

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 4 - Morning at the Beach

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 5 - Waterfall and Luau

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 6 - A Lighthouse

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 7 - The North Shore

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 8 - Diamond Head

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 9 - Waikiki

Hawaii 2023 Trip Report Part 10 - Going Home

Photos and Stories

In addition to the trip report, here are more photos from our trip, along with the stories that go with them:

Last Light of the Day in Hawaii

Aulani Makaʻala at Night

North Shore Beach in Hawaii

Happy Birthday to Laura 2024

Another Hawaii Sunset at Ko Olina

Beach Sunset in Hawaii

Beach View at Kaena Point in Hawaii

Aliiolani Hale in Hawaii

Hawaii Coastline From Above

Hawaii Sunset Over the Waves

Diamond Head Lighthouse in Hawaii

Waikolohe Valley at Aulani in Hawaii

Manoa Falls Trail in Hawaii

Waves on Kaena Point Beach in Hawaii

Lighting Up the Night in Hawaii

Kaena Point Lifeguard Station in Hawaii

The View from Makapuu Point in Hawaii

Sunset on the Beach near Aulani in Hawaii

Kaena Point State Park in Hawaii

Our 30th Anniversary

Aulani Across the Lagoon

Sunset and Palm Tree in Hawaii

Anniversary Trip to Hawaii and Aulani

About the Names

As with our 2018 trip to Kauaʻi, I chose to use the traditional Hawaiian spellings of names whenever I could. However, for titles, tags, and categories, I used the American names to help the search engines find things here.

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