San Antonio River Walk in Texas

Recently, I went on a quick business trip to San Antonio, Texas. And by “quick” I mean that I was there for less than 24 hours. Most of that time was spent either in meetings or sleeping. However, I did find a few moments to check out the San Antonio River Walk.

San Antonio River Walk in Texas

The hotel I stayed at was right on the San Antonio River Walk. So after an early breakfast at the hotel, I went outside and was immediately on the River Walk. I went for a nice morning stroll to check out the scenery, and I ended up walking about a mile by the time I had doubled back to the hotel. In that time, I only saw a small portion of the River Walk, but it was definitely worth the time. As you can see, the views are pretty nice all along the river.

San Antonio River Walk in Texas

The River Walk runs along both sides of the San Antonio River, which runs right through the city of San Antonio. And all along the river are restaurants, hotels, shops, historical buildings, and more. The walkways along either side of the river are connected by bridges over the river. And boats take tourists down the river, while the guides point out the interesting sights along the way. I did not have time for a boat ride, but I can see how that would be beneficial, because there was so much to see.

San Antonio River Walk in Texas

I liked this compass rose in the ground along the river. And it was good to know that I was going north at the time, because I was not familiar with the area at all. The important thing was to note landmarks so that I could find my way back to the hotel whenever I turned around, and I was successful at that.

San Antonio River Walk in Texas

I would have enjoyed spending more time walking along the River Walk in San Antonio, but it was time to work, so I headed back to the hotel to get going. Maybe one of these days Laura and I will take a real, non-business trip to San Antonio to see more of the area. But I was happy to see what I did get to see.

All By Myself

As I was walking, I was thinking to myself how much Laura would love to see all that I was seeing. I even called and talked to her after sending her a few photos from my walk.

In a good marriage relationship, you are constantly thinking about your spouse, especially if you are not with them. You think of how that person might like what you are doing, or how they might not like what you are doing. You want to tell that person all about whatever it is. You look forward to the time that the two of you are back together.

In a not-good marriage, you constantly put yourself first. You do not even consider your spouse at all. You do things yourself for yourself. You don’t bother trying to draw your spouse into what you are doing at all. It is all just about you.

If you are in a marriage, keep it happy and healthy by putting your spouse first. Be concerned about your spouse’s feelings and interests. Don’t do things just for you.

Love each other, and your marriage will be a good one, through good times and bad times. And you will find that you have many more good times than bad times, too.

Now may our God and Father himself, and our Lord Jesus, direct our way to you, and may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, as we do for you, so that he may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his saints. - 1 Thessalonians 3:11-13

Love One Another

About the Photos

Because this was a quick trip, and because I was traveling as lightly as possible, and because I knew I would not have much time for such things, I left my camera at home. That was a difficult decision. And yes, as I was walking, I wished that I did have my camera with me, but my phone was a good stand-in.

I did have my phone set to take photos in Raw mode to capture as much information as possible. And then I was able to use most of the same processing techniques that I use when I shoot Raw images with my camera. So maybe there was not that much difference at all. However, on bigger trips I will continue to take my camera with me whenever I can.

Photo: Each photo is a single Raw exposure, processed in Raw Therapee and GIMP.
Camera: iPhone 14 Pro
Date: January 31, 2024
Location: San Antonio, Texas


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