January 2024 Snow

On January 14 and 15, 2024, we got some snow. Lots of snow, actually. I took some preliminary measurements while the snow was still falling, but I never did go back and do a final measurement, but I would guess that we got around 5 to 6 inches of snow. And then we had some really cold weather after the snow, so that the snow has stayed on the ground for several days. It is actually still here at the time of this writing.

You can’t do too much about the snow otherwise, so why not enjoy it? The day after the snow stopped, the sun came out and the temperature was in the mid twenties Fahrenheit, so we decided to walk to the street to check out the conditions. Here are a few photos of our journey.

This first photo was taken looking out our second-floor window. The snow looks nice when you don’t factor in the cold part of it, doesn’t it? Soon after I took this photo, I heard that Laura and Jaylin were going for a walk, so I decided to suit up and join them.

This is the view down the short part of our driveway. When you get to those trees down there, the driveway curves to the left, and then you have the long part of our driveway that goes to the street. Those tracks that you can see in the snow are primarily dog tracks, by the way. Copper got ahead of us on our walk, as he always does.

And here we are, three explorers out on a cold winter adventure, wearing as many layers of clothing that we can get on while still being able to move our limbs enough to walk. Actually, it did not feel quite as bad as I had expected. Of course, it was a different story at night when we were going out to feed the horse and it was around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But that is why we went walking during the sunny part of the day.

When we got down to the street, we saw what I had expected to see - snow and ice packed down together. Because of the extreme cold, whatever snow that would melt when someone drove over it would refreeze as ice. Definitely not your best driving conditions. Fortunately, our refrigerator and pantry were pretty well stocked, because we knew it would be like this for a few days.

Another street view, because I always like how the shadows look on the snow. One truck did drive by while we were out there. He seemed to be making it okay, although we did not see what might happen when he got to a curve.

And with that, we started back up our driveway. This is the aforementioned long part, in case you are wondering. And it is difficult to tell where the driveway is, isn’t it? Another reason not to go out driving.

Copper was having the time of his life running around in the snow, so this was the best photo of him that I could get. He would not stay still for long. Plus, I like the way the cedar trees look with a little snow on them, too.

We are on the home stretch now, quite literally. And check out that beautiful blue sky!

Laura and I both liked how the snow made a layer on top of the bare sweetgum tree branches here, so I thought it was worth a photo.

Last photo, as we made it back to the still snow-covered house. Jaylin had beat us back, as you can see him there checking his phone.

Our trip to the street let us know that we were much better off just staying at home until all of this is gone, and we are thankful that we have the opportunity to do that. Of course, I am also thankful for those who have to be out in the weather and the services that they provide. Praying for safety for those who are out there!


During this snow event, we have not had to make many sacrifices. We might have sacrificed a trip to the store or a trip to a restaurant, but that was about it. I am perfectly fine going for days without leaving home, so that has not been too much of a sacrifice at all.

However, others have had to sacrifice their warmth and comfort to provide our safety and security. From the police and fire fighters who are protecting our communities, to those working to try to clear off the roads as much as they can, to those who are working at stores for those who have to go get what they need, to hospital personnel who are taking care of the sick and injured, several have had to make sacrifices.

Relationships take sacrifice, because to make a relationship work, you eventually have to give up something that you want or something that you have because it does not fit with that other person. Sometimes you have to decide if it is worth the sacrifice. Many times it is, unless you are having to sacrifice your faith and your beliefs.

Many of the sacrifices that we make are out of love. If you love someone, like those relationships mentioned above, it is worth it to sacrifice something that is not as important as the relationship. If you are a parent, you will make sacrifices for your children because you love them. Their health, well-being, education, and so-on are much more important than a bigger house, an expensive vacation, a fancy car, and all of those other things that you can do without.

A sacrifice is just one way of loving one another. After all, think of what God sacrificed for us.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” - John 3:16

Love One Another

About the Photos

Because of the cold, and because this walk was not planned far in advance, I did not bother taking my camera with me. Instead, these photos were all taken with my iPhone, which performed well enough for what I wanted, which was capturing some memories and then sharing them with you.

Photo: Each photo is a single Raw exposure, converted to JPG with Raw Therapee
Camera: iPhone 14 Pro
Date: January 16, 2024
Location: Williston, Tennessee


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