Hawaii Sunset Through the Trees

The setting sun silhouettes the trees and evening beachgoers at Ko Olina Lagoons on the island of Oahu in Hawaii

The setting sun silhouettes the trees and evening beachgoers at Ko Olina Lagoons on the island of Oʻahu in Hawaiʻi, as seen during our 2023 Hawaiʻi Trip.

As I look back at this photo, it is slightly difficult to believe that our most recent Hawaiʻi trip was almost a year ago. Much has happened since that time, but the memories still seem fresh in my mind. Hopefully, those memories will not fade anytime soon.

Some of my vivid memories are the vivid colors at sunset each night that we were in Hawaiʻi. I am very thankful for the modern technology to be able to capture and share those memories here with you, although to experience it properly, you should go see it for yourself. I am hopeful that Laura and I can go back and see it again for ourselves sometime, too.

Hawaii Trip 2023

Life Update

As I type this, I have a large bandage on my head and stitches in my neck underneath my ear. I have skin cancer and its most recent visit to thank for that. Fortunately, it is not anything too serious compared to some types of cancer, and the doctor is confident that all the cancer has been removed.

You may remember that I went through something similar 10 years ago, and I have fair skin to thank for that. Hats and sunscreen have been prominent in my past, and they will be even more prominent in my future.

So if you see me with a big bandage on my head, or later on if you see me with a big scar on my head, you will know why.

God is good, and it will all be fine.

We all have scars of some sort if we have been through enough life. Some are visible, some are emotional. But they make us who we are. And we love each other in spite of their scars, or perhaps because of them. I have had several people ask me what happened, especially at church, because a big head bandage is hard to miss. Many have then shared stories, offering love and comfort from their similar situations.

And while many people say something along the lines of, “I hope you are going to be okay,” one sweet lady said emphatically, “You are going to be just fine.” And she is right, because as before, God is good.

Jesus has scars, too. And his are much more significant than mine. His scars show the suffering that he went through to save us from our sins. And that makes my scars seem a bit easier to bear.

Love one another because of their scars, because we all have them.

He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. - 1 Peter 2:24

Love One Another

About the Photo

Another month brings another Hawaiʻi beach photo. It is getting to be a tradition around here. I do not mind that at all. I keep finding good photos from our trip that I want to share.

For this one, as you might guess, I increased the color saturation a bit. But I liked the silhouette look, so I did not try to brighten up the dark parts any. This may not be the best photo that I have posted, but I do like it.

I had actually planned to not say anything about my skin cancer situation here, but for some reason, after seeing this photo it just seemed to fit together. Maybe it is because sunsets are a reminder that today is ending and tomorrow starts something new. Just as the days do not last forever, the bandages and stitches do not last forever, either. New things are coming, and I look forward to them, whatever they might be.

Photo: A single Raw exposure, processed in Raw Therapee and GIMP.
Camera: Sony Alpha A7 II
Lens: Rokinon 35mm f/1.8
Date: June 18, 2023
Location: Aulani, Ko Olina, Hawaiʻi

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