2023 Christmas Decorations - A Video

Here is a video look at some of the Christmas decorations around our house in 2023:

All our decorations are not included in this video, but I did try to hit some of the highlights. Yes, there have been photos as well, but sometimes video can capture just a little more.

I had posted this on some of the social media places earlier, but I am posting it here, too, just for good measure.

Here’s hoping you and your family had a wonderful Christmas holiday!

For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. - Romans 5:6

About the Video

You might have noticed that I do not do all that much with video. I am more of a still photo kind of guy. But videos are popular, and I can see the value in them. So this was a little bit of a test to see how well I could do video, and also to see how well it might be received. There might be more videos in the future. Maybe.

By the way, this video was shot with iPhone 14 Pro over various days and edited with iMovie. The music was something I found in the iMovie library.


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